Extra virgin olive oil - Ortolana

Olive type: Ortolana 100%
Town of production: Benevento Map 27 Parcel 46+74+192
Altitude: between tra 330 and 660 feet
Harvest: November
Harvest method: manual with shaker rake
Tipology: soft fruity
Milling: continuous cold cycle, hammer cylinder oil mill and heating coils turned off
Yield: around 13%
Annual production: around 10 hl
Storage: stainless still bins filled to the brim in controlled temperature atmosphere
Filtering: Yes
Acidity: 0,10% 
Peroxidity: 6,0 meq O2/K
Taste: round and harmonic, artichoke notes, complex. Mid bitter and spicy
Pairing: ideal on a sweet onions soup
Organic Certification: Suolo & Salute IT BIO 004 Operator n.33150
Packaging: 25 and 50 cl bottles in carton box, magnum 150 cl in wooden box

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