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IGT Campania Falanghina
Falanghina 100%


IGT Campania Fiano
Fiano 100%


IGT Campania Greco
Greco 100%


IGT Campania Rosato
Aglianico 100%


IGT Campania Aglianico
Aglianico 100%


IGT Campania Sciascinoso
Sciascinoso 85% Aglianico 15%


Sannio Aglianico DOC
Aglianico 100%

Wine cellar

Our cellar is accommodated in a reinforced concrete basement behind Casino Brizio. It has a total capacity of nearly 600 hl. White wines are processed in steel tanks only, while for red wines we use steel, 50-hl truncated cone-shaped vats and/or French oak tonneaux, depending on the wine. Manual selection of grapes, temperature control, soft pressing processes, minimal interventions and above all a thorough cleanliness are the foundation of my work.

The barrel cellar has been accommodated in the old underground cellar of the house. There we refine our Talento for ageing in French oak tonneaux. I have been personally attending to the cellar following the invaluable advice of Stefano Chioccioli since 2005.


The label with the drawings made by Oreste Zevola, a multi-talented Neapolitan artist, was love at first sight. Drawings were perfect for my products’ labels: a Greek amphora, a woman, some grapes, a house and a boat. The Greek origin of Campania grape varieties and the temperament of the woman who makes them been mixed together with simplicity and elegance.